Please  read  before completing our 'Acquisition ' Form or paying a deposit as once a deposit has been paid you are confirming that you have read the terms and conditions.

An completed acquisition form is required from all customers 

Our Guarantee to You  

 &  Terms of Conditions




We make sure each puppy is carefully  sourced and selected for the 

client with a full health check by a vet ,vaccinated with pedigree papers 

from top quality breeders only 



All  our puppies are : 

100 % GUARANTEED Teacup size.

(Under 5Lbs when fully grown)

Pass a full Vetinary Health check 

Fully Vaccinated,


Top Quality Pedigree Certification (FCI,KC)(If requested)

Flea treated,


& come with:


diet sheet

care sheet

puppy pack

 and after sales service.



We have 100% feedback from all our customers and it is our priority to maintain these standards at all times.

All deposits are also guaranteed and again in the unlikely event your chosen puppy becomes unavailable we will fully refund your deposit if a replacement cannot be found 

All our puppies are raised and bred with care and love and in good conditions by professional licensed breeders,

no cages were used and no GMO products given.

All our puppies are imported into the Uk legally which is confirmed by the customs declaration and customs clearance papers.

All our puppies have a vet health passed certificate,their copies which are included in the puppy pack.

All our puppies are fully vaccinated and their passports have all records and dates including rabies vaccination and  only need a booster in a years time from date of delivery

All our puppies are wormed including lung worm and flea treated.Please do not worm or flea treat your puppy again until 3 months after arrival.

All our puppies are microchipped with the number also being recorded in their passport.

This can be registered with Petlog,Avid or Identichip (numbers and info in the puppy pack.)

We guarantee that our puppies have no visual defects .

The buyer has a right to have their puppy examined within 4 days  after delivery by a qualified vet to be assured that the puppy is in good health.

If the puppy has any viruses or illness that can cause death the buyer has a right to return the puppy and  get a full refund from us.

If the buyer doesn 't use his right to have the puppy examinated within 4 days after delivery this point is null and void.

We guarantee that all our puppies are healthy at the time of delivery/collection 

(As described above )

After buying a puppy the buyer takes on all responsibility for the puppy and all expenses keeping it.The buyer also has a responsibily to insure their puppy.Petplan and Tesco come highly recommended.

The buyer consents that he/she will take good care of the puppy and will follow the instructions given and read carefully the puppy care sheet that comes in the puppy pack.

We reserve the right to check the conditions of a puppy's new house and breeders homes will be vetted.

You must state if you want a puppy for breeding or show.

After delivery and examination by a vet within 4 days we are no longer responsible for any health or surgical expenses incurred on your puppy.

We have give written instructions explaining feeding and requirements and your failure to do so will void this contract.

The buyer agrees that the puppy is bought as a companion and part of the family and cannot be returned in case of an allergy,the puppy barks,the puppy is not toilet trained,not liking the puppies character ,house repairs or too tired to take care etc.

A new puppy is like having a baby and needs constant care and observation and training.

A Puppy is a live animal and cannot be returned for these reasons.

All parties agree that if there is evidence of ill treatment or the dog is kept in bad conditions we have a right to report it to the appropriate authorities.

If a buyer cannot keep the puppy for any reason he has a right to ask for help from us to resell the puppy .

The commission paid to us is negotiable depending on individual circumstances.

A Deposit is paid to secure your puppy so we will hold the puppy for the buyer until collection /delivery.

If we cancel your puppy and it is our fault the sale does not go through then a full refund will be given.

If a buyer cannot continue with the sale as agreed regardless of the reason we will not refund the deposit as the puppy could have been sold to other parties and readvertising and loss of time will forfeit the buyers deposit.

We also do not sell puppies to buyers with children under 5 years old.

These are not toys but living animals that need constant care and gentle handling

You must not be in full time work or if you are you must have someone to care for your puppy while you are gone.

A new puppy cannot be left all day on its own.

All our puppies are over 16 weeks old as is required before legal import and rabies vaccinated.

By completing a form or paying a deposit you will be agreeing to these terms and conditions 


Disclosure: If you are given details of one of our breeders 

you are agreeing NOT to disclose his/her information to friends

 but recommend Prestige Pomeranians Direct



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