Clipping and Grooming a Pomeranian

A Pomeranian needs lots of grooming and thoroughly as it has a thick undercoat so you have to get right in there gently to avoid knots occuring especially behind the ears and legs.A pom should be brushed thoroughly twice weekly if possible.

A visit to the groomers once every 6 months should be fine for a standard trim and keeping your pom looking in top condition.A vet health check every 6 months is also advised.

Little Dog Boo is a very famous Pomeranian who has been clipped to look like a bear.

To do this clip properly must be done by a very good reputable dog groomer and the quality of the pom must also be exceptional with tiny ears,nose,legs and lots of fur like a true pure bred pomeranin should be.

Here is a link to you tube showing the work that goes into this particular clip

It is becoming increasingly popular to clip pomeranians into all shapes!

The fur is backcombed to make it thicker and we could nt resist adding this we found:-)

This is called a Lion Cut which as you can see leaves a big mane and fluffy tail 

Standard Trim for showing

This is a standard pom trim for showing and just takes the edges off the fur to leave the pom nice and fluffy and round looking:
My favourite and I think a pom looks and feels best this way
but it is of course personal choice

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